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words for mamas of pregnancy loss and baby loss

Pregnancy Loss

Losing a baby is possibly one of the most tragic circumstances a parent can face.

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies end in the loss of a baby. Finding the right words to hold space for this type of grief is difficult. From our own experience of pregnancy loss, we created resources to help navigate the heartbreak of baby loss, of any gestation.

Baby loss is a unique experience to every family. We have designed our cards and ebooks to support and gently guide the grief process.

Each product has been lovingly handcrafted, every word holds meaning and hope.

love notes

I cherish these cards so much. Even my husband read a few and liked them! I can't wait to share these with my clients, too. These will really help them and point them in the right direction.


These cards you have created are beautiful. I am making it a ritual of mine to pick one out for each week and place it near my dear baby’s things. When I look at the card and it reminds me to be more gentle with myself and honour my little boy, my pregnancy and the time we spent with him.” 


Every morning I flip a card and gather my thoughts. It’s been an important part of the grieving and healing process and it reminds me to be kind and gentle with myself. The cards have given me light when the path ahead seemed so dark and lonely.


These cards are so sweet and have brought me lots of comfort and have a really lovely positive and nurturing focus, which I absolutely love! I enjoy sitting and drawing a card when I'm feeling sad about my baby boy, to redirect my thinking but even more so when I'm feeling connected within, and they bring me up to an even stronger, uplifting space. Thank you so very much.


I LOVE my cards. They bring me so much comfort and the affirmations prompt me to stop and reflect on the moments that arise. They sit on my dresser and daily, or times where I am looking for some reassurance/acknowledgement of what I'm feeling, I go to my cards and intuitively draw one. Just this acknowledgement is a step to working through my grief and trauma. I can't recommend these affirmation cards enough, it is my little moment which I otherwise would not have, helping me heal.


What is a Personal Declaration?

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Creating Positive Change

Providing a resource for women who have experienced miscarriage, pregnancy and baby loss

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