Creating the Cards

Aila and Lior is a brand founded on hope.



Hi, my name is Megan. Welcome to the home of Aila and Lior, I'm so glad you made it here. After my personal experience of losing two pregnancies, I developed so much compassion and awareness of how under serviced the loss community is.  Here is a little back story of how these cards have come about.

It was after my second miscarriage, I realised there were very few resources, with the right words for a woman who has experienced pregnancy loss. The grief after the loss of a baby, no matter how many weeks they spent on earth, is far reaching and complex.

Throughout my own journey, I experienced many dark places in my mind. My thoughts and fears kept me awake at night. My relationships with my body, my self, and other people around me changed. After a particularly difficult period, I wrote daily reminders to help guide my mind and focus on positivity. I repeated these words, I looked at them everyday, and the fog of grief and confusion lifted. I found new strength within myself.

The words I written, I soon recognised as powerful affirmations. I had utilised positive psychology to influence my thoughts, behaviour and ultimately my healing. These words have now been turned into a collection of gorgeous cards, for women who’ve experienced the loss of their baby from pregnancy loss of any kind. I was very intentional with the language used, to not specify the type loss, and to consider every life a precious being, regardless of gestation.

They're called personal declaration cards, because I believe in the power of words

– the words we use determine how we heal and process, especially amidst the heartache of loss.

I believe in the power of positive psychology.

I believe that the emotions of pregnancy loss run deep, and that healing is a process.

These cards are a tool to guide the healing process after pregnancy loss of any gestation For some women, this healing period can be months, for others it can be years. No matter where you are in the journey after losing your baby, our hope is that you feel whole in your mind and body, and that you look to the future with joy.

The cards focus on the key topics of:

  • The grief of losing a baby
  • The relationship between a woman to her body after pregnancy loss
  • Processing the complexity of emotions around the loss of pregnancy and a baby
  • Support and self compassion

I'm not the same person I was, before experiencing pregnancy loss. It has struck me how many other women have echoed this sentiment, too. It's important to acknowledge and unpack the many emotions and thoughts we experience, with ourselves and others. We cannot change the past, but we can shape our futures.

The brand, Aila and Lior is named after our two babies. The two babies that I carried, but never held. The two babies that changed our lives forever.

I hope that these cards bring you what Aila and Lior brought to my husband and I - love and light.



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